In photography i have found a great excuse to be outside as much as i can. I mean outside in a wide comprehensive way-

I enjoy a lot being out in deep silence, aware of the minimal phenomenons that compose nature. But meeting someone is another way to go outside, sometimes it implies to go beyond my own cosmovision and how i understand life. 

Each person is a micro-culture, with it´s own way to experience things. To have a real encounter with someone demands a respectful attitude of contemplation, make a step backwards and just hear, suspend judgement. This experience is similar from what we sometimes feel when we face a nice landscape, or spend a while in nature. 

This particular way to experience i consider it pretty enriching. This photos are a way to share those experiences with you.



March 2018, Galería La Porfía, Magallanes, Chile.


November 2016, Centro Cultural de Carabineros, Santiago, Chile.


March 2016, Centro Cívico de Vitacura, Santiago, Chile. 

June 2016, Centro Cultural de Carabineros, Santiago, Chile. 


January 2012, Centro Cultural Triciclo, Puerto Varas, Chile.



Workshop Fotografía Documental con Arno Brignon.

FIFV 2019, Valparaíso, Chile.

Visionado de Portafolio

FIFV 2017, Valparaíso, Chile.

Workshop El Hilo de la Realidad, con Tomás Munita, Miguel Ángel Larrea y Miguel Ángel Felipe.

June 2016, HUMO.

Taller de Revelado Digital con José María Mellado.

August 2013, Santiago de Chile.

Psicología Clínica

2002-2009. Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago de Chile.








Interview for Revista del Sábado

2018. Mentioned as part of the new generation of chilean landscape photographers.

Interview in Revista Outdoors

2018. Review of my documentary work.

Colaborador for LADERA SUR,



October 2015. Independent Edition.

Kari Kari, Article for Revista IN.

December 2011, text and photos.  

MRW Comunicaciones

2011-2012. Comissioned photos for books.